Girl Powder


Anti-Chaffing Body Powder that instantly absorbs moisture to prevent chafing & eliminate odours – keeping you dry, fresh & comfortable. Non-toxic, talc-free formula, with no messy residue.


✦ Corn Starch + Silica: absorbs moisture

✦ Zinc Oxide: protectant + bacteria buster

✦ Comfrey Root: anti-inflammatory + healing

FUN FACT: Cornstarch is better for the lungs and skin than talc which is more commonly found in powdered products – it’s even safe for little baby bums!

PRO TIP: Apply before a workout to absorb sweat and moisture. Can be applied onto the feet or sprinkled into shoes as a deodorizer. Use with a powder brush and apply onto the neck and collarbone to add a light scent and prevent sweating.