Retreat Journeys

Restore, Replenish and Revitalize with our retreat journeys that unite traditional rituals with modern-day services for a a holistic approach. They are the ultimate experience for those seeking relaxation, invigoration and renewal. These Journeys have been curated to support whole body wellness. Select a Journey that connects with your desired state of being.

These packages include a 15% gratuity, a healthy refreshment, and a wellness gift.

Restore – Ayurvedic Retreat

For thousands of years Ayurvedic traditions have been passed down to provide rejuvenation and greater understanding of one’s unique constitution. This journey begins with a foot soak and consultation for personalizing your treatments which include an Abhyanga Massage, Swedana Herbal Steam, Shirodhara of your choice, and our Signature Ayurvedic Facial. This retreat will help to restore balance and vital life force energy. 

$620 – allow 5 hours

Replenish – Goddess Retreat

This journey is designed to awaken your sense of confidence and beauty, to revive feminine goddess energy. This retreat begins with a warm foot soak and tea service and our Sacred Scents Body Ritual, a full body exfoliation and hydrating massage featuring the scents of sandalwood and rose. It is complete with our Ageless Radiance Facial, and Sacred Scents Pedicure. You will leave feeling replenished and empowered. 

$545 – allow 4.5 hours

Revitalize- Kapha Season Retreat

This retreat is designed to provide balance during the cool, damp months of Kapha Season. It features the energizing properties of ginger, rose-geranium, eucalyptus & tulsi. It begins with a warm tea service, foot soak & Vitality Massage to stimulate lymphatic flow. It is complete with a hydrating mini facial & Nasya treatment to leave you warm, balanced & revitalized.

$295 – allow 2 hours

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