Relax in our zero-gravity pedicure chairs that calm the nervous system and place your body in a resting position. We provide a stunning collection of vegan polishes that contain red tea and seaweed extract to nourish your nails and capture your mood.

We are pleased to provide a non-toxic environment, and therefore do not apply or remove shellac polish.

Signature Pedicure

This Ayurveda inspired pedicure begins with a seasonal herb infused foot bath and meticulous nail care. Experience Ayurvedic leg and foot massage with an herbal oil specific for your dosha and kansa wands that promotes rejuvenation and balance of the body’s vital energy. It is complete with a nourishing herbal mask to condition the skin, meticulous nail care and a vegan polish application.

90 min $145

Soothing Coconut Pedicure

This calming pedicure treats the feet to a coconut milk foot bath and an aromatic coconut scrub exfoliation. Followed by a conditioning shea butter application and soothing coconut lotion leg and foot massage. Meticulous nail care and vegan polish provided.

75 min $125

Gemstone Pedicure

This balancing pedicure begins with a Himalayan salt crystals foot bath containing 84 trace minerals. Followed by a calming leg and foot scrub and meticulous nail care. A gentle gemstone stone massage of your legs and feet helps to rebalance your energy to complete this harmonizing service. Meticulous nail care and vegan polish provided.

75 min  $125

Jade Stone Cooling Pedicure – Season Feature

This feature pedicure begins with a calming foot bath infused with mountain pine, lavender, and rosemary oils. Followed by a cool jade stone leg and foot massage to decrease swelling, relieve tired muscles and to leave you with a calm energy. Complete with hydrating stone crop lotion, meticulous nail care and polish or natural buff.

60 min  $110

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