Seasonal Features

As a leading Ayurvedic spa, we offer Vata, Pitta and Kapha seasonal treatments to help you restore balance for body, mind and sprit. We hope that you will enjoy these curated experiences that are designed to help you align with the seasons.

Revitalize Kapha Seasonal Retreat

This retreat is designed to provide balance during the cool, damp months of Kapha Season. It features the energizing properties of ginger, rose-geranium, eucalyptus & tulsi. It begins with a warm tea service, foot soak & Wellness Massage to stimulate lymphatic flow. It is complete with a hydrating mini facial & Nasya treatment to leave you warm, balanced & revitalized.

120 min $295

Detox Black Pearl Collagen Facial

This deeply detoxifying collagen facial is well-equipped to resurface, renew, and retexturize skin of any age. Black Pearl supported by gentle exfoliating complexes will minimize pores, slough off dead cells and reveal smoother, fresher skin. Center your mind to the guided meditation of the grounding energy of the treatment mask. “I AM GROUNDED”

60 min $165

Rosemary Shirodhara

Warm rosemary-infused sesame oil is used to help awaken the mind, restore focus and memory. It is most beneficial for Kapha-types when the mind has had brain-fog, been slow, stubborn, or lethargic.

50 min $145

Add a 30 minute head massage, or foot massage, or a combination of both, to your treatment for $65.

Geranium Cedarwood Body Scrub

Reduce sluggishness and fatigue with this feature body scrub and massage. Formulated with ancient healing ingredients to uplift the spirit. This renewing scrub gently exfoliates, hydrates skin and uplifts the senses.

60 min $165

Geranium Cedarwood Pedicure

This Kapha-balancing pedicure offers an exfoliation for the legs and feet to energize the body. The scent of geranium, cedarwood and cinnamon uplifts the mood. Your nails will be perfectly polished and groomed.

50 min $105


Heart and Sole

The feet & heart are connected mirroring ones health. Connect to heart health with this nurturing experience.

Foot Soak – Exfoliation – Foot Mask – Hydrating Massage

60 min $125

Rose Quartz Collagen Facial

Experience guided meditation & high potency skincare. Invite positive intentions while gemstones open the chakras.

Customized Skincare – Collagen Mask – Guided Meditation

60 min $165

Kapha Season

According to Ayurveda, the seasonal cycle of the year brings about a change in the predominance of the doshas in our bodies. This time of year – winter through late spring, is kapha season in our region. 

Kapha is the energy of water and earth, structure and cohesiveness, grounding and stability. This dosha hydrates all cells and systems, lubricates the joints, moisturizes the skin, maintains immunity, and protects the tissues. Kapha governs nourishment, growth, lubrication, stamina, and our ability to feel contentment. It embodies the watery energies of love and compassion. In excess, kapha can cause sluggishness, lack of motivation, heaviness in the mind and body, and excessive sleep.

Kapha Season Treatment Recommendations

  • Detox Black Pearl Collagen Facial
  • Detox Ritual Massage
  • Rosemary Shirodhara
  • Geranium Cedarwood Body Scrub
  • Abhyanga Massage

Kapha Lifestyle Tips


Kapha’s digestion is the slowest of the three doshas.

Enjoy a diet of mostly light, dry and warm foods, like bitter vegetables, legumes, and astringent fruits. Use warming spices, like ginger, pepper and cayenne. Avoid dairy and oily foods. Be sure to enjoy your largest meal at lunchtime.


Kapha people tend to be very heavy and long sleepers, but at this time of year it is important to not overdo it. Try doing an early rise a couple days a week at 5:30 or 6 a.m.


Movement and exertion are perfect antidotes to the stagnation that can plague Kapha types, Ayurvedic experts recommend a vigorous exercise routine that makes you sweat. Saunas are often a great invigorating choice.


Kapha types should prioritize self-care and be careful of a tendency to take care of others at the expense of their own needs. Try to socialize, wear bright colours and listen to energizing music. 

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