Seasonal Features

As a leading Ayurvedic spa, we offer Vata, Pitta and Kapha seasonal treatments to help you restore balance for body, mind and sprit. We hope that you will enjoy these curated experiences that are designed to help you align with the seasons.

Refresh Seasonal Retreat

Designed to provide balance during the warmer months of Pitta season. It features the calming properties of rose quartz and the cooling characteristics of coconut. You will leave feeling cool, calm and refreshed. 

Coconut Milk Foot Soak – Rose Quartz Cool Stone Massage – Calm Rose Quartz Collagen Eye Mask

120 min $310

Calm Rose Quartz Facial

This free radical-fighting collagen treatment is here to counteract environmental stressors, blue light and reverse their signs of damage. It’s designed to prevent and defend, leaving you with supple, supported, and shielded skin. Calm your mind with the guided meditation that resonates self-love during the treatment mask.

60 min $165

Coconut Shirodhara

Coconut milk and rose water are used for their gentle and cooling properties. This treatment is ideal for Pitta-types who have been overworking, over-heating, and under pressure. It is for the mind when it becomes impatient, judgmental, or overly critical. Add 30 minutes of head massage, or foot massage, or a combination of both, to your treatment for $65.

50 min $125

Gemstone Pedicure

This balancing pedicure begins with a Himalayan salt crystals foot bath containing 84 trace minerals. Followed by a calming leg and foot scrub and meticulous nail care. A gentle gemstone stone massage of your legs and feet helps to rebalance your energy while you enjoy a rose quartz eye collagen mask to complete this harmonizing service.

60 min $125

Pitta Season

It is Pitta season from early summer to late fall. In balance, pittas have abundant energy, drive and a strong appetite. They have the ability to concentrate, are good leaders, teachers, and speakers. They are precise, sharp-witted, direct, and often outspoken. When out of balance, pittas  may suffer from skin rashes, inflammation, excessive body heat,  heartburn, and indigestion. They can be short-tempered, impatient or  irritable.   

Pitta Season Treatment Recommendations

  • Rose Quartz Collagen Facial
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Coconut Shirodhara
  • Deep Relief Massage

Pitta Lifestyle Tips


Excess Pitta can cause us to burn through our available nutrition and may also dilute digestive strength. Eating set meals regulates the digestive fire, and helps to ensure that the body is adequately nourished, avoiding blood sugar crashes or hungry irritability. Try to sit down in a quiet area when eating, giving full attention to receiving your food slowly and mindfully.


Commitment to winding down before 10 p.m. to discourage Pitta’s tendency to be productive late at night. While you might enjoy the fruitfulness of night-time work sessions, staying up late tends to be more disruptive than helpful. Receiving adequate rest is very important for Pitta.


Be mindful about engaging in physical activity. Too much intense exercise can be quite Pitta-aggravating. And while exercise is important, it is crucial to protect the body against excess heat and intensity while cultivating relaxed effort and a more laid-back mental relationship with your work-outs.


For Pitta, prioritizing rest matters. Remembering to not take everything too seriously helps to bring more joy and laughter. Take time to step back and recharge. 

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