Sapphire Day Spa is honored to be the only spas on Vancouver Island offering traditional Ayurvedic treatments. We offer a variety of Ayurvedic treatments and infuse the philosophy into all spa services. 

Ayurveda, which translates from Sanskrit to “the science of life,” is a natural healing system developed in India. This mind-body science is older than the Pyramids and the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world. It is a comprehensive body of knowledge that places equal emphasis on the body, mind, and spirit and strives to restore the innate harmony of the individual.

Ayurveda places great importance on prevention and encourages the maintenance of health through close attention to balance in one’s life. This includes lifestyle choices such as diet, lifestyle and the use of herbs. Understanding Ayurveda allows one to create this balance according to one’s unique constitution of physical and energetic pattern – called Dosha’s in Sanskrit.    

The three “doshas” form each persons unique fingerprint.  

The Doshas

There is much to be said about the doshas and we are providing a beginner introduction so you can familiarize yourself with the principles.

Vata: air and space energy; governs large intestines, circulation, all movement in the body.

Pitta: fire and water; governs metabolism, digestion

Kapha: earth and water energy; governs immunity, stability, strength

Vata Constitution

Those who are born with more of the space and air elements have a vata constitution. Generally, a vata person will be naturally thin, more talkative, and often restless. They typically have a lower body weight, dry skin, brittle nails, thin hair, and small eyes. They have a tendency to be cold, with cracking joints and very active minds. They tend to prefer warm or hot weather, and have trouble tolerating the cold. They are creativity, anxious and easily excited.



Pitta Constitution

Pitta people are those who are born with hotter constitutions, containing fire and water elements. A pitta person is generally driven, active, a perfectionist, dynamic, sharp-witted and also short-tempered. They may have leadership qualities, a moderate build, a smart personality, a sharp nose, and their eyes will also be sharp. Pitta people commonly have early hair loss or greying. They are generally warm to the touch with rosy lips and pink nails with a slight curve.


Kapha Constitution

Kapha indicates a predominance of the water and earth element. People with this kapha constitution are generally cool, calm, cheerful, naturally full figured. If assigned a task, they rarely complete the task on time. Actually, Ayurveda says that because a kapha person is the least bothered, calmed type of person, the best constitution is kapha. They’re cheerful all the time! Other qualities include a thick build, thick, dark hair, big eyes with very white sclera (whites), and prominent, shiny, white teeth. The skin may also be thick, moist, and a little cool to the touch. As a personality type, they tend to accumulate and collect things, and are inspired to doing things that are of service for society.