Balmshell Probiotic V-Balm


Soothes, nourishes & protects your most intimate areas, while relieving dry, itchy, chapped skin. Contains Probiotic to discourage the development of bad bacteria and pH balanced to support your natural vaginal pH levels. Ideal for daily use & all skin types.


✦ Probiotic: discourages bad bacteria

✦ Vitamin A + Vitamin C: antioxidant

✦ Coconut + Jojoba: moisturizing

✦ Rose: soothing

✦ Calendula: anti-inflammatory + healing

FUN FACT: Did you know the skin on your labia is the same as the skin on your lips? The labia ages the same way your lips do and need to be moisturized daily.

PRO TIP: Best used after a shower to increase absorption.