Nano Gold Collagen Face Mask (4)


A cult favorite with celebs and beauty experts, our Nano Gold Collagen Repair Face Masks use glimmering gold and science-tested active ingredients to firm, lift, and repair. As you drape the luxurious mask across your face, your skincare routine will be instantly elevated. Ready for a high-end spa-level experience? Treat yourself to our best-selling mask.

Repairing | Firming | Age-Defying | Lifting | Hydrating | Plumping | De-Puffing | Anti-Inflammatory

Symbolizing wealth, this game-changing Gold face mask is a way to bring opulence into your life! Premium-sourced 24K Colloidal Gold rejuvenates and repairs damage, while Hyaluronic Acid restores hydration. Add the tightening, wrinkle-reducing benefits of elastin and you have our proprietary Age-Defying Complex—and the fresh-faced look it produces!

Gold is aligned with your Third Eye Chakra or Sixth Chakra, located on the forehead between your eyebrows.  Balancing your Third Eye Chakra allows you to move forward confidently while trusting your inner voice. As you enjoy your masking experience, take deep, cleansing breaths, and repeat the mantra “I Honor My Intuition” three times. Set an intention for yourself to connect with your intuitive wisdom, knowing that it will always guide you in the right direction.