Bliss Mist Probiotic Deodorizing Spray


Quickly eliminates odours for all day freshness down there. Contains Probiotic to discourage the development of bad bacteria and pH balanced to support your natural vaginal pH levels. Ideal for all skin types.


✦ Probiotic: discourages bad bacteria

✦ Saccharomyces: natural deodorizer

✦ Rose: soothing

✦ Calendula + Comfrey Root: anti-inflammatory + healing

FUN FACT: Saccharomyces is a natural, safe and effective odor neutralizer derived from vegetable fermentation. It effectively destroys and decomposes the odor-causing bacteria in sweat.

PRO TIP: This light, fresh scent is great for a quick all-over body spray. Natural deodorizing ingredients make this safe to be used for all intimate areas as well as the underarms.