Amethyst Collagen Discovery Kit


Featuring our proprietary Hydrating Complex, every Amethyst Hydrate Mask is infused with scientifically-proven ingredients. Amethyst Powder promotes cellular energy to nourish skin, and hydrating Squalane and Panthenol (Vit B5) lock in moisture.

The cool, comforting Amethyst Gemstone Roller will balance your Crown Chakra and support the serum’s absorption.

Hydrating | Nourishing | Restoring | Age-Defying | De-Stressing | Plumping | Refreshing | De-Puffing | Brightening


Treat your body like the sacred temple it is with our ultra-luxurious Amethyst Hydrate Discovery Kit! In this sleek black pouch, you’ll find sumptuous skincare essentials to hydrate, nourish, and restore: Face, Eye, and Lip Masks, and our sculpting Amethyst Gemstone Roller.

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