Cucumber Mint Body Scrub

Celebrate summer with this refreshing body polishing scrub made fresh with all natural organic ingredients such as cucumber puree, mint, parsley, green tea, with peppermint, almond and sunflower oils to nourish and soothe your skin. This treatment includes cucumber eye covers to cool and tone the eyes and a 40 minute relaxation massage. **Not available in first trimester

60 min. $125

Cucumber Mint Pedicure

An energizing and soothing summer pedicure to cool tired feet. This stimulating treatment cools and relaxes stressed out skin while alleviating swollen and tired feet. It begins with a peppermint foot bath and a cooling cucumber and mint exfoliation treatment for the legs and feet. This summer pick me up is followed by complete nail care and a leg and foot massage with a cooling peppermint infused massage oil.

60 min. $75

Freshen Up Summer Foot Treatment

This summer express service is a great pick me up for tired legs and feet. Beginning with a peppermint tea foot bath, followed by a cucumber mint scrub for the legs and feet. It is completed with a peppermint infused oil massage to hydrate, cool and soothe swollen and tired feet.

45 min. $75


Specialized treatments with Jody

Fire Cupping/Gua Sha Massage Treatment

Cups will be placed on the body or the use a gua sha tool based on what is best for each client in increase energy flow and body awareness. A warm oil scalp massage and foot massage is the perfect compliment to sooth the nervous system and calm the body. A unique, eastern wellness treatment that will leave you feeling reconnected.

Fire Cupping is a treatment that has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for 1000's of years.  Warm glass cups are placed on the surface of the skin after a gentle vacuum is created within the cup using a small flame, pulling the skin and connective tissue up into the cup. This increases local circulation, gently encouraging Qi (energy), blood and lymph to the chosen area in need of help and healing, where it may be stagnant, or blocked.  Fire cupping can leave temporary marks on the skin, which typically fade within a week. Cupping can help relieve muscular aches, pains and tension, increase circulation of Qi (energy), blood, warm the body along with the meridians of energy that flow within it, and assist the lymphatic system in detoxifying the body.  Cupping feels wonderful and provides a warm, relaxing release, especially when combined with massage!

"Gua" means to scrape, rub or stroke, "sha" means diagnostic color, or red color. The skin is lubricated with oil, and a smooth edged tool or a cool piece of jade is used to apply short firm strokes to the surface of the skin. Gua Sha causes temporary marks on the skin or petechia ("sha"), which typically fade in 2-4 days.  Gua Sha can help to increase circulation, break down adhesions and scar tissue, and release heat and inflammation, thus relieving pain along with stimulating the healing process.  It can also help to treat respiratory conditions in combination with acupuncture and herbs.  It can enable stagnant emotions and stress to be released from the body, helping to clear the mind and the senses.

45 mins. $75

Spa Manager


Staffing and Human Resources

• Process and record all requests for vacation and time off

• Oversee effective scheduling, training and coaching of all Spa employees including hiring, annual reviews and corrective action

· To participate in the hiring process with the Spa Director

• To conduct and oversee orientation, and employee review processes

• Recruit, develop, maintain and inspire a cohesive Spa team

• Schedule staff meetings; contribute and conduct

• Maintain records for: product write off’s, returns, discounts; staff service discounts, staff services

• Inspire and maintain professional staff that are service oriented, accurate, organized and practices safe and efficient working habits

• Provide leadership and daily direction to the entire Spa team

• Prep Payroll; perform payroll in absence of Spa Owner

Project and maintain acceptable payroll commitments

Implement ongoing skills training to ensure service standards are being upheld

Customer Care

• Review incident reports and take action when required

• Manage client feedback & report to Spa Director at regular meetings

• Ensure consistent delivery of Spa services

• Inspire and maintain exceptional guest service

• Respond to all email inquiries within 24 hours; organize all group booking
• Respond and follow up on Guest complaints or concerns within 24 hours


• Organize schedule for Spa Owner; book treatments

• Oversea all activities and management of reception

• Work closely with the Spa Owner, Spa Coordinator, Spa Attendant, and trainers in relation to inventory, training, scheduling, and guest experience.

Marketing and Sales

• Oversee inventory and stocking of all Spa retail products; maintain stable inventory balance

• Conduct inventory count every quarter & at year-end

• Field calls, development of ideas regarding sales and marketing; present at management meetings

• Assist with Spa Brochure design and maintain consistent branding of Spa

• Ensure Spa website is updated with accurate information.

• Ensure that the products and services are entered into the system with accurate pricing

Develop and maintain efficient front desk procedures


• Signing authority for Spa

• To create a management plan in order to meet monthly targets and to provide explanation when targets are not achieved

Administer staff and client scheduling for maximum revenue generation and profitability


• Work in conjunction with the Spa Owner; supervisor to Spa Coordinator and all remaining employee’s

• Prepare monthly, weekly reports and commentary reports
• Oversee day to day operations of the Spa and achieve set revenue and Spa goals
• Oversee day to day operations including Spa retail

• Up hold the utmost privacy regarding of all Spa accounting figures, employee earnings, client information, business plans, corporate identity, retail costs.

• Keep a professional appearance, behavior, decorum and attitude at all times

• Work closely with the Spa Owner in relation to all desk procedures to ensure a welcoming and smoothly operating facility.
• Perform other duties as requested by the Spa Owner or as needed

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